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Saturday, 11 May 2013

surat cinta untuk ibu

oh mum,

you are in my heart,

you are,
the one which has a big dream,
wanna be a perfect wife, a perfect mother,
wanna see her children to be successful,
di dunia dan akhirat.

thanks for everything,
the things you complete me,
the happiness we share,
the matter we argue,

i know,
born and rise me wasn't easy,
i'm stubborn like hell,
i'm vain,
i'm not a perfect daughter,
but still,
you stand by my side, being there, love me, care for me,

you're a rainbow,
even there is no rain,
because you're in my heart,
happy mothers day.

you 're a great mum and i love you everyday. may Allah bless your life, mum

footnote: update sendiri, rasa sedih sendiri. hehe

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