posted of watching someone if you do not know her temperament. do not judge a person as you evaluate a tree that they could produce a leaves or not. Allah is Just, He is more aware of everything..

Thursday, 25 October 2012

i'm not

i wonder why people like to judge other,

hey, come on lar...

dont judge the book by its cover,
dont judge the food by its colour,
dont judge the day by its weather.

3 simple quote which have the same meaning yeah. :)

as you, as me, we both not a judges. but then, why we keep to judge people? for instance, you may think, all the free hair women which didn't covering their aurat tu semua perangai tahpape. but, who know all this girls sembahyang cukup 5 waktu? compare dgn yang tutup aurat tp smbahyang tak terjaga. what i'm trying to do is not criticism other[s]. its just an example for today. its JUST okay, its JUST :)

yet, i want to make some clarification about me, myself and I, hihi

  • i'm not immature. i'm just too young for my age.
  • i'm not weird. i'm unique. weird is just to harsh i think
  • i'm not fake, trying to be honest :)
  • i'm not hypocrite, but  i am good in acting.
  • i'm not talkative. i just got an awesome thing to talk about.
  • i'm not attention seeker, you are pathetic.
  • i'm not stalker. you, who publish everything.

just accept differences and stop condemning =P
 i love uolls ..


footnote: lupa lah surat tk rasmi, sign belah mana

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