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Monday, 11 June 2012

men vs women

assalamualaikum w.b.t and salam satu malaysia..

what i'm trying to do is not to critize the other gender or being a sexist. generally we both need each other, boys need a girls and girls need a boys to live on with their lives. God made us in such way that we have to depend on each other. men usually act by using their brains while women act using their senses and follow their heart. when we combine together we balance each other helping us to do better. we are attracted to each other (no offense to lesbians and gays). just like our race, its just a differences in our culture, tradition and skin colours. deep down inside, we are all the same.

while it is true to say there are similarities between men and women, in fact vice versa, ther are differences between men and women. for example, men are stronger than women. but i did'nt say that women are weak. meeheehee. then the most unique differences between men and women are their interests. men prefer more physically stimulating activities while women prefer more aesthetically pleasing activities. while men generally more interested in cars and sports, women are more interested in shopping , make-up, an material objects like diamond. betul ke ni? hahah

next, there are differences on communication style between men and women. when i was young, i always saw a differences in how to deal with my mother and father. my mother spoke softly and she spoke about her feeling. on the other hand, my father spoke loudly and he spoke about facts. women and men have many differences in their softly, ask question an apologize. men tend to speak loudly and they always direct in everything. women always speaking about emotional topis. for example, my friends always told me about her feeling of something or something that she love or hate, while men speak about sports, car and business. men try to change their topics and try to dominate the conversation. women like more boasting than men. they like to speak about she has or where she travels just to show off over her friends...

lastly, the differences of responsibilities. for example, in malaysia and i'm believe in some other countries, generally women wash the dishes, do a laundry, ironing, tidy and clean the house. however, men work and earn money, repair household goods and take care of cars (if present )

we have same organs , same senses and we even live in the same country. why we should group them up.? fighting over small matters.. for example in facebook or any other media social networking.. we need one another to work together and hence making a great team. as far as we are improving, if we work together with one heart, one goal and one desire, er grow faster. anyhow, this is just my point of view of things and i bet many more think the same as i am..

vice versa, men wash dishes, women works

thanks for reading..

p/s: thanks miss jay coz call me as the first presenter.. i'm never shows my nervousness or vibrations before. but be the first presenter is not easy. i'm vibrate  superb wa cakap sama lu...

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