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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

last wishes

assalamualaikum w.b.t..

today, we did a speaking test in a english class. one of the preparation of MUET. everytime, i hear about muet, i'm start nervous.. i will sit for muet in this october.

we did three topics today. and now i'm seat alone in my room, thinking about the topics given. there is a topic which make me interested. it's the last wish before i die. but now i'm realize that i've many many and many wishes before i die. teeheehee =P

here become  my list. ehhhheeem


  1. buy a bungalow for my mum
  2. buy BMW for my abah
  3. grade A for chemistry. always B huh
  4. doing haji and umrah together with my parents
  5. ride a vespa
  6. swim with a cute dolphinsssss
  7. ride in limo
  8. win the chess games when compete with my father
  9. get a sweet love story
  10. get a love like 'shah jehan kepada mumtaznya'
  11. go to disneyland
  12. wake up in vegas
  13. see a effiel tower at midnight
  14. buy something from Tiffany
  15. ask apologize to all people
  16. say love to all people
  17. ride an elephant and camel
  18. give a hug for tiger and lion
  19. use a pink braces
  20. expert in angrybirds games
  21. get a bouquet of flower
  22. have my own minicooper
  23. can sleep in the dark or without 'lampu tidur'
  24. eat any type of vegetables
  25.  fainted | pengsan
  26. run with a high heel
  27. have a cute children
  28. have a great conversation with zayn malik| aaron aziz | badrul bakhtiar | shah rukh khan
  29. go to india
  30. go to brazil with my friends
  31. see the sunrise and sunset in the same day
  32. see Lionel Messi play for johore. ahahhaha
  33. plant a trees and see them grow
  34. attend all my friends wedding (cant wait .. )
  35. ride in lori sampah
  36.  snorkeling
  37. skydiving
  38. get into hot air balloons
  39. write a novel
  40. donate my eyes (ada orang ckp mata aku cntik, haha)
  41. can draw well
and lastly, achieve at least 200 followers on my blog. ahhaaks! sadis betul

kekadang rasa mengarut jugak ek aku ni. anyone want help to fullfill all my wishes?? please, contact me. miahahah

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