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Sunday, 26 February 2012


Dugaan is ujian.

Ujian means exams.

Exams leads you to grades and performances.

When you perform well means you did well and basically you berjaya dalam ujian.

Vise versa, when you cant do it, you failed.


Ujian ada objectives and subjective.

Objectives is easy. Just mini mini mo if you dont know what is the answer.

Some sort like having options.

In real life, when you are stuck, you always have plan B, C, D or All.

Subjective is hard. If you did not know how to do, you get 0%.

End, you draw spongebob square pants in your paper, make silly notes or bribe the examiner.

In real life, you have no options, you are in dillemma,  all you have to do is to pray and do'a.


I am in subjectives.

I draw myself of being happy.

"Failure is a new beginning"

note: i'm in science computer lab. agagagagagaaa ... fully kopi pes :D