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Sunday, 1 January 2012

my new year resolution

dear blogger,
01.01.2012. it is new year gang. :)
everyone has new year resolution. same goes with me. even so, I always make them. that does not mean i will keep them. i make them and wish. here comes a new year. get ready because it is already for you.

i resolve to say 'I love you' to all people that I love. even if I really do not like them. haha. does that sound bad? i don't think so. the people that i love always make me mad. if i tell them that i love them, the mad feeling goes away. at least for a few minutes. that is start. it is hard to hate anyone when you verbally admit that you do love them. just do it quickly and smile. ;)

second, i will go to the library for every wednesday night to study. i've just got 3.5 in last semester and i will make sure that i get 4.oo in this semester. i will increase my attention and learn to focus on my lecture.i will study for fifteen minutes in every night so i can score A in each subject.

next, i will taste any kind of vegetables. actually, i hate vegetables very much. seriously, if i taste them, i will spit it away.anyway, i will eat it. i can starve myself starting this january. i also promise to throw out all my candies because my mother hate it. :(

if i did wrong and realize it, i will ask for apologize. you do the same. let us all resolve to do this ^__^

i also want to improve my english. my english level is still low, but i have confidence to improve it. i want to get band 3 or above for my MUET

here is another my new year resolution:
-saving money for my personal needs
-more exercise (no more, once for a semester)

-listen to the voices in my head, and follow my instinct

may everyone have a very happy new year. happy 2012! 

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